Your First Appointment

Initial Evalution

Your initial evaluation will take approximately an hour to an hour and a half. Filling out the new patient paperwork prior to your visit will speed up the check in process. Make sure to bring your physician/insurance referral, insurance card, and any paperwork. Your physical therapist will take a detailed medical history and use objective tests and measures to create a comprehensive treatment plan for you. Follow up visits are approximately 45 minutes long.

Downloadable forms:

Please print and fill out these forms to bring with you upon your first visit.

What should you wear?

The attire that you choose should be related to the issue that the physical therapist will be

  • Shoulder — a tank top, sports bra, or bathing suit top
  • Back — shorts, (hospital gown provided)
  • Neck — (Hospital gown provided)
  • Hip — Shorts (Hospital gown provided)
  • Knee — Shorts
  • Foot/Ankle — Shorts